Hepatitis C Do Not Be Affraid

Do not let Hepatitis C get you down! You need to get a good support system around you! You need your family and friends. You need to also reach out to a local suport group and if there isn't one in your area start one. That is what I did 6 years ago and we started with just two people but once the word got out we grew like crazy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goodmorning all!

I hope everyone has woke up with a positive feeling in their hearts knowing that we will beat Hepatitis C. If we all believe it it can happen. I know and feel in my heart that I will do all I can do to find a cure for Hepatitis C so I can cure my daughter. She is only 12 and has now been through treatment twice. She is now one year out and is non-detected. Thank God!!! She has really had it tough going through the treatment twice. She still shows some days that she feels some of the problems that can affect some of us daily and or just once in a while. I really got more and more determined to find a cure for her. Having to give her a shot weekly for a year. Wow that was tough. After going through treatment twice myself made it even harder. Knowing how bad it made me feel.  It took all I had to give her those shots. And then the pills all week long. She did really well  I must say. She did way better then I did and then some in my group. She would get her shots on Friday night and on most Monday's she was ready to go to school. I think her love for school alone helped her a great deal. And I think school helped her keep her busy and her mind off the treatment. What made me think of this this morning I don't know. I guess it was finding out that she was non-detected for a little over a year now. And the dream I had last night knowing there is a cure out there real soon for this. i just feel it. I will never give up trying to find this cure. I may not be that smart when it comes to chemical stuff. But I am one determined momma!!!!!!!! Anyway I am off today to get donations for our Open Open House we are have in April. So wish me luck. Everyone have a wonderful day!
Much Love, Christie

Me and one of the Hepatitis C quilts

One of the 4 Hepatitis C quilts here in America. With seperate squares of different stories form Hepatitis C people.

Me on Friends bike

Just thought I would throw this in. Me on friends bike both of us have Hepatitis C.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well it's the second day of spring.

Well for being the second day of spring it sure is cold. It was partly sunny yesterday for the first day of spring and in the 50s. So I took the girls to the lake for a picnic. The lake was really choppy and cold wind coming in off it. But the picnic was worth it. we went yesterday because it's the girls spring break and it was the warmest day of the whole week. It is suppose to be in the 30s by the end of the week with a chance of snow. How crazy. I am ready for the warmth to get here so I can pull the camper down here in front of my house and get it ready for May the first really warm and sunny weekend in May we are going to take the camper out. Whooo Hoooo. Can't wait. I get my new GMC Jimmy to so I have something to pull it. Instead of having my friends pull it to the camp ground for me.
I really woke up late with my liver being really sore. Does any of you have that trouble? What do you try to do for it. I can only sit leaning to my left tying to give the Liver as much room as possible. For those women out there having Liver pain to me it feels like I am 9 months pregnant and the baby is in my ribs. That is the only way I can explain it. I haven't been told by a doctor how I can help the pain go away. I think we mostly get it when the Liver turns Fatty and gets Cirrhosis. Never had it til I got that fare along. Well I haded some more pictures of my family and one years HepFest and Blessing of the bikes. I hope you like them. In a couple of them I look alittle blown up well for two years my new medicine did that to me. Now I am loosing the weight and I guess my body just is getting use to it. It is Lyrica that they put me on for my Fibromyalgia. With the Hepatitis C aches I have and then to have the Fibromyalgia on top of it my days can seem rather long. But I stay strong and positive because I do not want my girls to see me in pain. I do not want them to have to know more then they already do about my liver stage and the Cirrhosis. That is enough for there little minds to know and sometimes I wish their ears weren't so big and they didn't know what they know now. Oh well I tell them that God only takes people sick or not when it is their time and not a second before. Having kids living in the same house with you and seeing you day by day. Sick on most and trying to hide it from them is not at all easy or really possible. As they are 12 1/2 and 15 1/2 so they now are smart enough to hide things from them. They are strong young ladies though I have to say that for them. And them my 15 year old has to live with a mother and sister both with Hepatitis C. Now that is one bad hand dealt to her. She is tuff on the outside. But she has told me that she wonders if when she goes to sleep will we be alive when she wakes up. Boy does that not ripe your heart out. I just keep telling her the in Gods timing. That she need not to ever worry about that. But then when you think about it what is the right thing to say??? Any ideas??? okay I am going to go for today. I hope you all have a wonderful day. You deserve it. Everyday and every minute. Always remember that.

My daughters, My little Logan's Liver doctor and me before I lost weight

my girls and Buddy inside my friends house. Cool huh!

At the HepFest/blessing of the bikes

At the HepFest/blessing of the bikes

At the HepFest/blessing of the bikes

At the HepFest/blessing of the bikes

At the HepFest/blessing of the bikes

At the HepFest/blessing of the bikes

At the HepFest/blessing of the bikes

My oldest daughter at the HepFest

My little Logan at the HepFest. Cool paint job!

My little Logan at the HepFest

A couple of guys from the HepFest/blessing of the bikes

Booth set up at the CycleFest.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Afternoon. Hepatitis really on my mind.

Well it's Sunday after church and I was touched by Hepatitis C by all sides. Wow God is good. There was a gentleman there who's wife passed away with Hepatitis C. There was a man there with Hepatitis C who has even gone through a Liver transplant. And there was me who finally was able to wobble my way back to church on my knee. God is so good the man who just had the Liver transplant has not been to church in a while and I haven't either and bam just like that God got us up with the strength to be there. I feel so blessed to have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and to have started the support group and the other event's I have done in hopes to bring awareness out to my community. I know God has done so much to me when I look at the people I have meet since the day I was diagnosed. I have meet some of the greatest people in the world with the truest hearts you ever would want to meet. I have opened the eyes about Hepatitis C I have meet folks who had never even heard the word Hepatitis C and I have brought the word Hepatitis C to some who have just plain oh ran from me in fear. That makes so sad when I run into those kind of people. Now I know some just run from fear of the unknown and then there is those who label it with a cooty factor. Then there is some who run just because they have a closed heart that just doesn't care. I have had personally a person run because they just didn't care to find out anything about it and what do you know bam they called me wanting to know more information about it because they were diagnosed. God has a way of working with people I just know it. I immediately opened my arms 210% with support because I was put here to be there for anyone with Hepatitis C. That is my calling inlife. And I love it. Through the good and bad. I know there is so many more who may read all this and think why would anyone even care to learn about something, labeled as a drug disease at times, that they never have to worry about. but those of you who feel that way please watch it you or someone you love or know may be the next one diagnosied. I hope not for your sack but ir can happen to anyone. And I pray that there is some of you out there who will read this whole blogsite and have a stigma on it. Those of you please open your heart too because 1 in 10 people will know someone who has this disease and that is alot. They do not need you to stigmatise it they need you to take a moment to step back and say okay I am here and I want to care and help you. And then those of you out there who have this disease I hope and pray this blogsite will help you alot in many different ways. Even if it's just reading the blogs I post and or the blogs my children post(once I get that part straighten out so they can have their page and own blog stuff) I pray I touch your hearts with care and love from Hepper to another. Okay I will close for now. Hope all of you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and get the rest you need to get back at the work week and do it again.
Much Love,

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Day!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It is finnally starting to look like spring is really coming. I am doing alot of work for our OPEN OPEN HOUSE on April 15th. It is a Hepatitis C open house for the community. So they can stop in and get informational pamphlets about Hepatitis C enjoy talking to those of us who have Hepatitis C. Get a refreshment and much more. There will be a KidZone for the little ones so that the parents have all the time they need to browse the pamphlets and talk. Please stop in and visit us. It will be at the Dekalb Medical Arts building next to the Dekalb Memorial Hospital at 1316 East 7th Street, Auburn, Indiana in conference room 303. I hope to see you there. Everyone have a wonderful day!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


hi my name is Logan and I have Hepatitis C and if you want to talk to me about what you are feeling then go ahead. Well I am going to tell you about me life ok. So when I got detected with it I was a baby so I really didn't know about it because when you are a baby you don't know what's happens with you at that time. so when I knew I had it I was sad and when I had my first shot I was out of it and when my mom picked up my arm and let go of it it dropped back to the ground so my mom called the ambulance came to get me and toke me to the hospital and put i.v. in my arm and my mom could came back to the room until they were all done with me and ever thing like that. My mom took pictures of me when she was back there and if you were wondering how I knew about all this my told me about it when we came home from the hospital. well I have to go so if you what to you came talk to me at all.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Well I am here with a heavy heart today!

Today I started two new pages on here that really pulled at my heart when I was writing them down. I live the life everyday. But to put them down on paper for all to see was really hard. I love my girls and I really think them being able to reach out in their own way about their own feelings will be good. They both need it. Don't get me wrong I am here for them daily no matter what the day brings. But them having an escape to tell their feelings is got to be good. And I am sure that there is alot of other children out there that need them too. So to all that read this for you to help me get the website out would be really appreciate. Thank you so very much. The only way this site will get going is by word of mouth. and I need lots of that. Please help me reach the young out there needing someone to talk to.
Well enough for now. My knee is killing me since my knee surgery and I am going to go to sleep. I will write more tomorrow. And work on getting the site out myself. Everyone have a great night!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Still here

Well I have been out of commission since last Wednesday. I had my left knee completely replaced. So I have been out of it for the most part. I have put a call into my daughters liver doctor to see about the starting of a website with live chat for the children of Indiana who have Hepatitis C started. I really feel like starting this for children with this disease and I also still am in the thinking and starting a website with live chat for those children with parents with Hepatitis C started too. I really need idea's if anyone has them. I also need a big prayer for these idea's also. I need the right website owner to say yes we will allow you to start two sites free. And really it could be the same site with two different links on it. I am kinda stuck as to who to contact to fulfil these needs. I am sure it can happen and I am sure there is so many kids out there that need these sites to be there for them. I will just have to start by calling sites to see if they will fulfil our needs. So wish me luck. With your faith I am sure it can happen. Everyone have a wonderful day.
March 2, 2011