Hepatitis C Do Not Be Affraid

Do not let Hepatitis C get you down! You need to get a good support system around you! You need your family and friends. You need to also reach out to a local suport group and if there isn't one in your area start one. That is what I did 6 years ago and we started with just two people but once the word got out we grew like crazy.

Monday, January 2, 2012

WELL WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Well my friend and family we have made it through another year!!!  We are awesome for that. It's another year God blessed to have. Wow I praise him for that!!!! I hope you all are doing well and the bringing the new year wasn't stressful on you and that goes for Christmas too. That is why Christmas and the getting ready to close the year I haven't got an update of here!!!! My Christmas was great I got to spend it with my children and my dad. What more can you ask for? good blessed me to make it nice for my children and family and friends. So that makes me happy. I got a wonderful heart necklace that my daughters got me that says MOM in the middle. As for my two children still left at home they got a Telescope as their big present and I think I sam just as excited for it to turn warm around here so we can all play with it. How awesome it will be! (o: I managed to cook a nice dinner for the family and it turned out good. I made my 4H blue ribbon pie, well close, I didn't have Granny Smith apples. But mmmmm was it still good. Sat a watched a movie with my kids and my dad and that was fun too. We never get to see him much, mainly birthday's and x-mas. I will make more time to cook him a great dinner at least once a month. Have to if not 2 a month. We miss him bunches. He is one of the greatest people on this earth!!!! What a heart he has and true love for us!!!  I didn't get all my Christmas cards sent out this year I had 178 people to send them to and that was down sizing the prize of a stamp, but i did manage to get most of them done. I still have a couple who don't have there's yet. They will though just a couple days late. I am never one to ever not have them in the mail by December 1st. Same on me. But between being sick and doing the things I do for my family and friends I just got behind alittle. Next yer I need to hire a Secretary. LOL (o: We'll have to see. I do have alot of friends and my girls and neighbors who end up become my friend they are here for me on those sick days to do all they can. So I a very blessed there. I know some of them have their own life to tend to and that is totally understood. But thins will be good this year. I have faith, gotta have faith. 

I am blessed to have one more day to help you. My goal this year is to be everything my family needs, each and everyone. I have big one they are all over America but their love is here 24/7!!! I want to make my support group everything it can be. Bringing all the speakers to group that we need to be there for us!!1 Open the hearts of these speakers so the will provide us of there time freely. We need that. Also open the hearts of the people I reach out to to get this years HepFest of and running way before the start date in June.. We all need a day of fun for us and our family and friends. To be us and not be judged by one single person in it. A place where our children either with or without Hepatitis C to understand where the other kids feeling come from. And for our friends to come and support us in our day of total freedom to just be us!!! I have been having some problems on getting donations and grant money together so we can have our day. So please pray for that. I pretty much got the live music lined up, the free food, the KidZone is started, however any of you with idea's you think would be fun for our children please email me or call me. I know we have some game idea's plus there is a playground where I think we are going to have this years event. So lets see if all our prayers can produce a wonderful HepFest festival!!! I have faith in it and in all those who are going to be a part of it. We will get there. I am thinking this years event will be the second Saturday in June. The first Saturday of the month, like the past years, it is sometimes running into Graduation time. So I really hope the second Saturday will work for you all. Please I really need to get donation's and grant money. I have our grou as a Non-Profit Orginization 501c3 so everthing everyone will give will be tax dedutable. So pray, pray and pray some more. My pharmicutical company's I deal with who make the medicine for the treatment are making it so hard to get their help. And we by their producted on a monthly bases!!! Expensive product I must add. So God open their heart to see this event for the whole state of Indiana. I know it is call Indiana's Annual Hepfest but that does not in anyway mean everyone from southern Michigan and Norteast Ohio are not welcome at all!!! Everyone is welcome 210% so come on out and help us make it a blast. Thank you!  We need to get $2000.00 raised to have a productive festival this ear. That pays for our tents, tables, stage, live electric to the stage. It also helps us provide the jumper for the KidZone, food supplies and speakers. It all adds up quick. But I have it doen to the bare minumin. So hopefully this year Roche will not back out on us a the last minute and leave or group reponsiable for what already set up on site. We'll see. Prayers people and those of you out there with Hepatitis C who don't really pray then keep your fingers crossed. We need it.

Well as for our little Logan her Hepatitis (HCV RNA) blood test came back and she is now two yeaar Un- Detectable (remission for those not knowing what that means) and man oh man were we happy. I have been at a Non- detectable rate now for 6 years, Whoooo Hooooo. However I have damage to my Liver and muliple other things physically wrong with me. So that really the  having all these other wrong makes it at times hard to be a mommy and daddy to my girls left at home, However we manage. Little Logan is in stage 1 of her Liver with mild Inflammtion. So she should be good til I find that forsure cure for her so her Liver damage stays the same. I know it will God has his hnds touching it daily. And that goes for each and everyone of you! God is touching you disease with healing hands. In form or another.No matter what stage you are in or how sick you may feel. Itis what it is and you always need your faith. We all know healthy people die everyday so we need to know ONLY when it our time to go to heaven then that is the time the good lord has gave us, and not a second to soon!!! You have be allowed to have Hepatitis C becaise the next person in line would not have been able to handle it like we do. So being positive is not about you having the disease but t know it is for a reason in your life. Now I am not say this in a mean or crazy way. Just in a real way! I am also going to everyother week or at least once a month do my stories on the Stigma word put on Hepatitis C. I would love it if I could take an eraser and earse totlly the word stigmsa or cooty factor. Those are such a horriable title for for anyone to every have. You are not who you are for what you have. You are you a reall person. God has blessed us to have you her among us. You Are All Awesome in your own ways!!! Well I am going to do alot more reasurance the public that we want to be treated equally. They want everyone to treat them like that, with respect until they don't eserve it. Not by them excepting us will be a wonderful world to live in.

Well I am going to close for now. Please know I pray and thank about you all everyday!!! BE HAPPY MAKE THIS A WONDERFUL LIFE OF PEACE FOR YOURSELFS!!!!!

I love you all,
ladytruckr@mchsi.com put int he subject line Hep C blogsite. So I know where you are coming from. Thank you!!! annd my phone number is 260=927-8180.
BIG HUGS to you all!