Hepatitis C Do Not Be Affraid

Do not let Hepatitis C get you down! You need to get a good support system around you! You need your family and friends. You need to also reach out to a local suport group and if there isn't one in your area start one. That is what I did 6 years ago and we started with just two people but once the word got out we grew like crazy.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Please if you get to this blog by way of the support group;s name with inc at the end then go to the same address without the inc. I am still non profit but. After my 3rd Stroke I ended up with two blog sites and Im not very good at adding them together. so please try the hiponhepcsupportgroup.blogspot.com site. for the real updates. unless they come on both? Heck I do not do computers well... )o:  But either way be sure to check both out. Thank you very much. Know that you got Hep C you don't have to let the Hep C have you. Fight my friends and everyone reading fight....... I love you all and am sending great big hugs out to everyone!