Hepatitis C Do Not Be Affraid

Do not let Hepatitis C get you down! You need to get a good support system around you! You need your family and friends. You need to also reach out to a local suport group and if there isn't one in your area start one. That is what I did 6 years ago and we started with just two people but once the word got out we grew like crazy.

Friday, April 20, 2012

hepFest and update story!

Hello Everyone,
     I am so sorry that I do not get to update this on a regular basis!!! But I am trying!! I promise!!! If it is not one more diagnoses I had my 2nd stroke in 4 years on February 24. I am bouncing back as best I can. I still only have 60% of my body back but I am fighting. Just like I fight Hepatitis C everyday! I passed my 10 mark that my first Liver doctor gave me last week and I have fought to beat that mark. I know darn good and well I refuse to let a Stroke get me down!!! I am really trying so hard! So all the prayers you can send this way would be nice. I am also getting things done for the HepFest this year. I am having to hire a helper. I just can't do this. Just 6 weeks post Stroke. If anyone is interested????? Please call me or email me. I have home physical therapy and a home nurse. They are getting me a power chair so that I can take walks with the girls. Walk to my mail box, cook with my kids at their level. Instead of feeling like I am sitting on the floor. It will bring some good back to my life. Thank goodness. I have to stay strong for these girls I have to raise that are still at home, and my children who are grown men and one of them is blessing me to be a grandma, and the other is follow a dream that he may feel, in his heart is the right way to go!!! I pray for both of them every night, and all you people reading this. And to those Heppers who may be a family member or a friend reading this. I pray and ask that you share this with a family member or friend. Who is going through the life of Hepatitis C. It put's you in shock at first then you go through the stage of " WHY ME" Then it is WHAT IS IT? And from then on you just suck it up, put your big boy or big girl pants on!!! Know Hepatitis C does not and I mean does not!!! Make who you are!!!! The person your spirit and heart is: is who make's you as a person. Not some stupid disease. I am really trying to be the best person I can be. So hopefully one day my illness with slow down and allow me to get out of my room let alone my house. I need those of you out there reading this to please pray that I get the right amount of help for this years HepFest so it will not kill me. But it must go on!!!!!!!!!
I will keep you updated. I love you all bunches!!!!!!!!!!!  The event is

Indiana's 5th Annual HepFest Festival
June 23, 2012
from 10am til 3pm
Rieke Park
1850 N. Indiana Ave
Auburn, Indiana 46706

Christie Soaper
if you can't reach me by phone