Hepatitis C Do Not Be Affraid

Do not let Hepatitis C get you down! You need to get a good support system around you! You need your family and friends. You need to also reach out to a local suport group and if there isn't one in your area start one. That is what I did 6 years ago and we started with just two people but once the word got out we grew like crazy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


hi my name is Logan and I have Hepatitis C and if you want to talk to me about what you are feeling then go ahead. Well I am going to tell you about me life ok. So when I got detected with it I was a baby so I really didn't know about it because when you are a baby you don't know what's happens with you at that time. so when I knew I had it I was sad and when I had my first shot I was out of it and when my mom picked up my arm and let go of it it dropped back to the ground so my mom called the ambulance came to get me and toke me to the hospital and put i.v. in my arm and my mom could came back to the room until they were all done with me and ever thing like that. My mom took pictures of me when she was back there and if you were wondering how I knew about all this my told me about it when we came home from the hospital. well I have to go so if you what to you came talk to me at all.

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