Hepatitis C Do Not Be Affraid

Do not let Hepatitis C get you down! You need to get a good support system around you! You need your family and friends. You need to also reach out to a local suport group and if there isn't one in your area start one. That is what I did 6 years ago and we started with just two people but once the word got out we grew like crazy.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well the Open Open house went really well.

Well the event was really great! We met three new people with Hepatitis C and that made it all worth it !!!! I really wish more of the public would have came out and taken advantage of learning more information about Hepatitis C. There is still such stigma on this disease that scares the public because of the unknown. And the only way they are ever going to learn is to get information on the disease. It really saddens my heart that people just want to stay in this bubble of there lives and not try to learn new things about this disease that is killing people everyday. Why I do not know. But I will never stop with my calling of educating the public and try my best to find a cure for my daughter and others!!!!!!!!!!!! Hepatitis C is not a cootie factor and I am sick of people thinking that because they are to scared to learn the real stuff about Hepatitis. I will continue to reach out and share what I know and hopefully the public will loosen up!!!!!!!!!!!! I want everyone out there to know these facts.   1. For every one case of AIDS being reported to the CDC ( CENTER for DISEASE CONTROL ) there is four cases of Hepatitis C being reported. In America! And in every ten people you know someone will know someone with Hepatitis C!!! They predict that by the year 2014 or 2015 here in America AIDS will be in the back ground and Hepatitis C will be in the front. So the public really needs to come out of their bubble and be open to learn about this disease and even get tested for that matter. Okay I will close for now and I pray that everyone that reads this post will pass this on to as many friends they can to help the public here in America be safe and well aware and have learned about the disease. Thank you everyone for your time in reading this!!! It really means alot to me. Love, peace and knowledge to you all!!! Everyone have a wonderful day!!! You deserve it!!!!

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