Hepatitis C Do Not Be Affraid

Do not let Hepatitis C get you down! You need to get a good support system around you! You need your family and friends. You need to also reach out to a local suport group and if there isn't one in your area start one. That is what I did 6 years ago and we started with just two people but once the word got out we grew like crazy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wow oh Wow it's been awhile!!!!

I am way behind on keeping up with the newest news my way. And checking up on you all! Sorry. Our family has got out of the biggest part of a bad thing that happen to our life's and now that was over in Feb. And there was no innocence found in him. He didn't even show up for trail. But God knows what happened and so does all my family and friends. But it's something we will be done with from now on. Thank you so very much for all of your Prayers and help!!!!!!!!!!! You rock. Tena and her young lady that was with you Thank you to them to for us.  My mom, my cousin, my little Logan. We fought the right fight and it's done. I am so very proud of my child for fighting to the end. She never got knocked down once. What a job she did. I am so very proud of her 210%. So God Lets Move On!

Well on a happier note. I want to hear from you all. I am home in bed sick most of the week. I do feed my girls and get 18 dinners at the soup kitchen for the Seniors where I live, I even go out in my Jammie's at time, no matter how weak I am the soup kitchens hep me carry it out to the truck and I can easily grab the dinners out one at a time. And they live on my same block. So I don't mind and the soup kitchen understands my weakness and being sick so they are very understanding and help me out. So God Bless them. And God Bless the hot dinners we have twice a week. The least i can do with all the Angels that live where I do. Since the day I turned sick and then Chemo twice 14 months and then Logan's Chemo was for 12 months two different years. Because a year after the first year of treatment the virus was active again. But the Seniors back here would bring dinner after dinner, home cooked meals at that to us when we couldn't cook or get out. My oldest daughter is almost a full grown lady. Wow. She was so awesome through 7 years of treatment her Mother and Sister were on. She was Nursemaid, Mother to Logan when I was sick, she keep up on the house real good, she cooked, she held our hair if we needed her to when we were getting sick. She was so many things and damnit. She never really got to be a kid and I promise to you all I will show her that joy in other ways the best I can. She is almost College age and I am praying so very hard she doesn't move out when she's 18. That will just crush me. And then 5 years from now the Baby, my baby will be 18. That is scary. I am so very affraid of the term EMPTY NEST SYNDROM. Because i already get some of that like the second part of a school day. The first part of a school day is aweeeeee. So quite. And if they spend the night somewhere I start missing them like crazy. God hold my hand please for the new days to come . Yes My oldest daughter is my spunk that kick's me in the butt sometimes. I am so very proud. I have 5 children to fight for. I have just 3 weeks ago had a TIA ( mini stroke) Now mind you on top of the Hep C side affects, and several other things that my body is trying to shut down. I get hit with a second stroke. One on each side of the brain. Now I am in training to teach parts of my bady to work. Like a baby learning it. But I will blast out of this. I again say I refuse to let the Devil win. Everything and I mean Everything happens for a reason!!!! You all have to tell yourself that everyday. God knows what he is doing!!! It's his will. And it has been before I was born almost 50 years ago. So when I say "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON", I know what I am talking about. No matter how good or bad it is For A Reason. And my goal is to find a cure for Hepatitis C so I got a long way to go. But not for me but for my baby and my new family in the hep world I will fight to find a cure. Hepatitis C is a bad word and should never run ramped like it is in The United States of America, not talking about other countries. But in America the CDC and the Amercian Liver Foundtation say that for every 1 case of AIDS being repoted there is 5 cases of Hepatitis C. It is really runnig crazy is every kind of crownd. It has no prefrence what life style you live it is there. 1 in every 10 people knows someone who knows of a person suffering from this, Debilitaing at times, from this disease. But Christian or not just once raise your hand to the skky and say please God please for all of us. Thank you so very much!
I will stop this post and start the HepFest one!
I love you all bunches!!

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